Sketches relating to everything that is Homestuck under the sun. All of the suns.

All subjects posted here are (c) the creative and questionable mind of Andrew Hussie.
All art is made by April. She is a young college student who suffers from update paralysis, fandom overload, and other serious conditions.
Her current issue is OCDD- Obsessive Compulsive Dirk Disorder, causing any paper to have a drawing of Dirk on it. She is also uncontrollably in love with all the kids and trolls. Yes, even Eridan. Ok, maybe not Eridan. We'll think about it.
Her patron troll is Karkat, whom she adores.
She should be doing homework among other things, but is sitting around typing this third-person description instead.

Her other blog is Counting Sheepies at tumblr. Look it up for non Homestuck things!

Update Status: Whenever she feels like it (for now)


4th January 2012

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Insert witticism here.

Insert witticism here.

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